Why Retailers and Shopping Malls Need CCTV Video Surveillance?

It is not surprising that in tough economic times retailers are looking to protect their hard-earned profits by minimizing theft and other criminal activity such as shoplifting and employee theft. Luckily, technology has come to the rescue and retailers can now take advantage of CCTV surveillance cameras systems that offer a level of performance and value that would not have been imaginable in the past.

Theft is one of the biggest factors to negatively impact the success of a retail store. No matter how secure you think your store is, there is always a chance that theft can occur. A retail store security system is an essential part of loss prevention, and CCTV security cameras for retail stores play a big role in stepping up your security. Putting a security camera in your grocery store and retail market is a great way for retail theft prevention Supreme Security Protection Australia provides retailers with a fully scalable retail security solution for any sized premises from large superstores to small newsagents and budget.

If you are the owner of a retail establishment, here is a look at some of the powerful benefits of security cameras in retail stores and markets.

How important is CCTV Security Camera in the retail industry?

Reduce Shoplifting

The visible security camera can be an effective way to scare off shoplifters because shoplifters who know the retail store is equipped with the CCTV security system are less tempted to steal or participate in unauthorized activities. In addition, the security camera can easily help you to identify the individual who committed the crime with clear images.

Reduce Employee Theft

Despite background investigations and interviews, no manger can ever be 100% sure that an employee won’t steal anything. Observing and playing back recorded videos on your security system allows you to spot cases of employee theft…

Other Benefits of Installing Retail Security Cameras

Creates a Safer Environment

It’s your job to make your customers and employees feel safe when they’re on your premises. By having constant video monitoring, you’ll be better able to provide that

In addition to preventing criminal activity, security cameras can help build a safer workplace by monitoring employees and surveying the floor for any safety risks. For example, the CCTV camera can record instances of employee abuse or harassment towards other employees, which can be used as evidence against the opponents.

Merchandising and Store Management

CCTV cameras can also improve productivity. Just the presence of security cameras can make employees more aware of how their time is spent, and this helps to improve productivity and customer services.


The latest development in CCTV for retailers is that they can now use CCTV security cameras as a platform to track and analyze customer movement and interaction through insightful visual maps, charts, and graphs. What this means is that retailers can now better understand customer behavior so that any alternations, for instance, to store layout, signage or staffing levels, can affect footfall and sales conversion rates.

Encourages Better Productivity

When the boss is around, employees tend to be more productive. With a video monitoring system, your employees will be more productive because they’ll never know when you’re watching.

Enhanced Video Quality

Unlike the old, outdated VCR-driven recording systems, CCTV utilizes digital recording for enhanced image quality. The video is HD-quality and is stored on a hard drive on-site for easy access.

Maintain Low Prices

When a retailer loses inventory to theft, they have no other option but to raise their prices to minimize their losses. A video monitoring system will help you reduce in-store theft and this will help you keep your prices lower, thus attracting more customers.

Protects Against Fraudulent Claims

Retailers are frequent victims of fraudulent slip and fall charges and those that can’t back up their defense often wind up paying thousands in legal damages. A CCTV video recording system will help you avoid these cases because they will provide the evidence you need to show you were not negligent.

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