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Mobile Patrol Guards Melbourne, Complete professional protection, day and night with mobile security patrol services.

Your property is most vulnerable at night, during the weekends and during holiday periods. Vital machinery needs monitoring and you require added protection from the risk of fire, flood damage and theft. Tailored mobile Security Patrols Services Melbourne give you round-the-clock security, a rapid response service and, ultimately, peace of mind.


Our experienced mobile Hire Security Patrols Melbourne Security Patrols Services Melbourne conduct both internal and external checks of buildings at irregular times. Our patrolling guards also secure and alarm your premises for the night and prepare for the arrival of staff the following morning.

Operating from a fleet of distinctive modern vehicles, our Security Guards Melbourne are in constant two-way communication with our 24-hour control room which is St Albans, Melbourne. When necessary they will respond rapidly to problems, summon assistance and alert key personnel.


We never send an officer to patrol a site without a thorough briefing. Ask them and you’ll find that they’re knowledgeable about your needs, the layout and the processes of your construction site or site. This guarantees you efficient, seamless mobile security patrols of the highest quality.

The latest vehicle tracking technology monitors the whereabouts and well-being of our officers. Mobile security patrols are verified by electronic key point readers, which generate reports as often as you want. Our supervisors routinely check these reports to ensure full patrols are conducted.

Naturally, you will be notified of any occurrences showing on the report immediately. Then, should you wish to discuss the matter in more detail, we will arrange for you to speak directly with SSP operational manager.

Security Services Melbourne, when you’re awake, is very essential. It is very important to have a bodyguard around you or a security service that monitors your property in the daylight right in front of your eyes. Now think about it for a second. If your property or you yourself can have a safety issue when you’re wide awake in the daylight, can’t it be a problem when you’re asleep? Of course, it can be. Well, this is where we get you just the solution you need and it is our amazing Security Patrol service that can keep you covered while you sleep soundly in bed.

Supreme Security Protection prides itself to provide you with the best security solutions that you can possibly get. What we aim for with our Security Patrol services is excellence redefined. We make sure that all of your demands have been put through exactly the way you want. Make sure you get everything that you need, just the way you need as you sleep. What our real agenda is with these services is to give you protection like a father provides his family. Sleep soundly every day snuggled with your family as our trained professionals take over the danger in the streets. Our men know just how to tackle each situation put in their way when going through the streets. Make the most out of your daily security with the Security Patrols from Supreme Security Protection.

Make the most out of your daily security with state of the art security keeping an eye on your surroundings at all times. Our professionals know what to do when things get rough and in case of danger, they protect you with all they can. At Supreme Security Protection we value lives! Contact us today for security patrols.

To enquire more about hiring our Mobile patrols officers as your personal security service, call 0434 879 457.

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