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Role of Construction Security Guards

Role of Construction Security Guards

Role of Construction Security Guards

The role of Construction security guards is to detect any suspicious activity around the construction site.

A security guard plays many different roles, but his primary task is the prevention of any sort of crime.

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It is the service that a professional security company can provide to make sure the protection of people, property, and information. Besides, security officers provide monitoring services for the protection of the construction site to provide a safe environment and prevent violence or risk to the property.

Any vulnerability to loss or theft is minimum with the security guards at construction sites.


Patrolling the property

The patrolling of premises and personnel to secure any property from danger is an primary part of the security job. Guards patrol both the interior and exterior of the premises where labour they work. They also observe the entry and exit points to ensure that no suspicious equipment or person enters or exits the building.


Monitoring Surveillance equipment

Besides patrolling around or inside the building, the security officers also monitor the surveillance equipment. The monitoring of CCTV cameras or IP networks.  It enables the security guards to have real-time surveillance when there’s no one on patrolling or as a lone-worker officer.

By observing the building through CCTV cameras and other surveillance equipment, it can help detect any threat instantly and take appropriate measures to prevent it.

Inspecting Buildings, Equipment, and Access Point

Construction security guards  also monitor windows, doors, and gates to make sure they’re locked properly. If an alarm rings or there’s a disturbance, the security guard is the first on the scene, and the one making the call to emergency police, fire or ambulance services.

The immediate call to action by security guards can prevent a lot of damage to the buildings, property or commercial site.

Monitoring the Heating and Cooling Systems

Air conditioning systems help monitor the heating and cooling systems of the buildings. So, Heat, vents and air-conditioning must be protected from internal and external threats.

Permitting Entry

Security guards don’t allow entry to irrelevant persons or equipment into the construction building. As a result, it helps in protecting the building from being vulnerable to any threats.

Obtains Help by Sounding Alarms

Alarm systems greatly help in detecting fire or any other danger in the building. With the help of alarms, the guards can take effective steps on time. So, security guards with alarm systems can efficiently control and manage any threat to the b

Report to the Supervisor

Security officers prepare activity logs on daily basis. Moreover, security guards prepare reports of any damage to equipment. After that, all these reports and logs are presented to their supervisor.

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